Roomer - The perfect solution
Roomer - The perfect solution
When meeting planers work with a hotel to put on a conference, the contract they sign includes hotel room cancellation conditions. Because planners need to have the venue and hotel secured before attendees sign up, they must negotiate a group reservation cancellation and reduction policy that allows them to adjust their block without penalty; savvy planners know they should make sure their contract allows for multiple adjustments and room reduction dates. Savvy planners ensure the reduction dates included in the hotel reservation contract to allow them to shave off a percentage of the group reservation block 60, 45, and 30 days before the event. Should a planner still have group rooms blocked off after the final adjustment, they will be responsible for paying for any unused group rooms.
Richie Karaburun on Room Attrition

Instead of letting hotel cancellation fees eat into your budget, the Roomer Partner Network (RPN) provides meeting planners a marketplace to sell blocked off, yet unused group reservations and avoid the penalties outlined in the hotel contract. Roomer invites meeting planners from all over the world to enroll in RPN and discover how our asset recovery tool let's everyone win. When you book a hotel room through Roomer, the planner no longer is obligated to pay hotel attrition charges, the hotel gets a customer, and the buyer gets a discounted room in the hotel of their choice. It's free to sign up and create a listing on Roomer. Should the hotel room remain vacant, the planner won't pay a dime. If the room gets sold, Roomer receives a percentage of the price as travel commission.

It's been estimated that Americans collectively lose $8.6 billion per year in paid for, unused hotel rooms. With Roomer, you no longer have to worry about being part of this statistic ever again. Roomer works with associations such as Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), and we seek to form partnerships with corporate travel managers to expand our global reach. Our revolutionary hotel cost mitigating solution allows meeting planners to sell unused group reservations to people around the world. Avoid hotel attrition penalties and fill rooms already paid for by listing them on Roomer.

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